proimio custom integrated electronic systems handle advanced technical and operational marine challenges

  • Marine Systems Design and Development

    Your ideas inspire proimio experienced engineers to discuss, design and develop the integrated marine solution that suits your specifications and requirements promptly and cost effectively, yet maintaining the highest business and quality standards maximising your ROI.

  • Marine Systems Installations

    proimio marine systems are installed worldwide by experienced technicians and engineers to ensure professional craftsmanship, top performance and minimal disruption.

  • Marine Automation Solutions

    proimio marine automation systems bridge the gap between traditional repetitive manual processes prone to inaccuracies and fully automated all digital solutions, reducing crew workload and minimising critical oversights.

  • Marine Control Solutions

    proimio customised marine systems employ novel smart technologies to extend the control of interfaced equipment beyond conventional applied methods.

  • Marine Monitoring Solutions

    proimio integrated marine monitoring solutions utilise state of the art data acquisition and processing technologies combined with advanced in-house developed software and algorithms.

    Recorded signals are made available for display in real time on board the vessels as well as remotely to the Office via available satellite connections.

    Collected data is processed to match individual requirements and specifications, generating the necessary information for such applications as automated alerting and reporting, fleet management, systems operation optimisation and decision making.