proimio is an innovative technologies company focusing in offshore and onshore marine industry software and hardware turnkey solutions

we specialise in the design, development and installation of marine hardware and software solutions in ships and shipping companies worldwide

our innovative products optimise maritime business operations and assist in technical management processes, implementing cost effective and efficient solutions

proimio services accommodate technical and operational marine related requirements in terms of software, hardware, maritime and IT training, as well as on-line testing and evaluation across various physical and virtual platforms

proimio team has over 15 years of field experience in marine software and hardware custom made projects with a solid technological background in information technologies and engineering, providing cutting edge applications and setting new industry standards

our mission is to combine business growth with the establishment of proimio brand name as a synonym of absolute quality

we handle every cooperation and assigned project uniquely as a service tailored to fit your requirements

believing in the omnipotence of crystal clear truth, proimio welcomes you to share your project ideas and vision